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3 Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

3 Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

I bet it’s your first move of the day: a glance at your Facebook news feed while enjoying your daily coffee.

It is a universal phenomenon. How (and why?) did the Facebook app become the most popular social media platform?

The answer might be psychological. Society appreciates this effortless way to connect with others.

It is also essential to consider how vital the platform is to your business. In addition to providing a marketing platform, Facebook’s features offer ways to review businesses.

Did you know that the number of likes on your page sends a message to internet users? Facebook users use this data to determine whether a page is worth visiting or whether a business is worth supporting. Can you afford not to have enough likes?

When you realize the importance of these likes, it should push you to take action. So, how can you get more likes on Facebook?

It’s actually about attracting people to your Facebook page. But they must also be motivated to click the “Like” button. Together, we will explore the exciting world of Facebook to show you how to influence your future or current supporters Followerspro.

Those who know you must demonstrate this. Those who hear about you must immediately want to participate in your page. Yes, many practical and easy ways exist to build momentum for these actions.

Let’s look at some of these tips to get more likes on your Facebook page.

  1. Your Posts Should Inspire Shares

Facebook’s many tools allow you to create publications of all kinds. However, a post you put your heart and soul into – in addition to your time and effort – might not attract much attention. What are you doing incorrectly? How can you encourage more people to like your page and posts?

Your posts must travel through the Facebook universe if you want more likes. You know that your current community still needs to be more significant. Bases on your page should be read by friends of your friends and their friends, and their friends, and their friends. This is what happens if your posts are shared.

Most will like a post before sharing it since people love to show their likes and take a stand. So your likes are already increasing.

It would help if you inspired people to share your post. For this to happen, you should create content that needs to be shared. People love sharing content when it’s worth sharing.

What types of posts are in this category?

Offer Value

Your posts must include some value for the viewer. People were offered long, exaggerated headlines for a long time, behind which they discovered poor-quality content. Now, these people are more intelligent. They scroll, ignoring posts that seem too good to be true. The title of your post should grab their attention without going beyond your goal.

Your content should offer some value while considering your audience’s context. You need to know your target audience to create content that will be relevant to them.

Facebook has an algorithm to select the content that appears in the news feed. The goal is to offer Facebook users quality publications. If you try to create valuable posts, Facebook will reward you.

People don’t like to be taken for fools. Ensure your content is correct – especially if you present facts – so you don’t lose credibility with your fans. If they can’t trust your content, they won’t have the confidence to share it.


Some styles catch the eye, and people happily share them on their walls.

Educational topics provide Facebook users with the opportunity to learn and help others. People like to know that they are helping to make something happen. Share academic posts so your friends can make an impact in their communities. The likes will make their way to you.

Entertaining posts get people’s attention. These can include memes or funny videos. You should know your audience. If they are the type who prefers the lighter side of life, take advantage of that. If they laugh because of your post, they will share it.


Insert the suitable topics into the content you create. You could thus attract your readers’ attention and encourage them to look at the content of your post. If the issue is important enough, it will be shared instantly.

Trending themes can be used to form the basis of your content. People like to demonstrate that they are “in the know.” Share content related to a famous article in the news. Your friends will share it so others can see that they are knowledgeable people about current affairs. These posts can cover various sports, celebrities, or news topics.

You can also take inspiration from the time of year or upcoming holidays. Undoubtedly, you will get significant reactions if you create festive content during December.


Certain types of posts are sure to work.

Our current society is constantly looking for quick solutions. If you share content that offers readers a how-to guide to a solution, you’ll find it gets shared quickly. People love sharing easy solutions with their friends.

Regardless of the theme, lists are always popular. Please choose a topic and create a bulleted or numbered list about it. Facebook users like sharing these compact pieces of information.

So, do you choose to continue with your usual content or create a new one more aligned with 2018 trends? Who wouldn’t want to see a post like this?

  1. Choosing the Right Time is Essential

Facebook marketing is not done through random posts. Instead, this marketing tool has become a well-studied science.

People are more active on social media at specific times. Are your posts reaching them during these peak times?

Programs like  Google Analytics show you when your target audience is most active. Master the power of this online tool to determine these moments. If you post essential information outside these hours, your posts won’t even be seen by the audience you’re trying to reach. This could cost you a lot of likes.

It’s also important to stay consistent and post regularly during these peak times. Brands become recognized because people get used to seeing them. When you see a brand often, you believe in its popularity and want to follow it. Make sure your audience feels the same way about you.

  1. Charm as Many Senses as Possible

Consider what plays a role when you like something enough to click the like button. Above all, engagement is triggered by INTEREST.

Audio and Video

A boringly written post will not attract attention. Images and videos have a much more significant impact. They provoke interest through sensory incentives, such as sound and colorful visuals.

You can create your illustrations and videos. However, solutions already exist if you need more time and resources for this.

There are so many resources available to use for this type of post. You can create posts that feature links to platforms that have interesting videos, such as:

  • Youtube
  • TED Talks
  • Popular Blogs

These have a good chance of provoking emotions and inspiring sharing.


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