Air Freight Vs Ocean Freight: How To Choose?

Every day, you make decisions all day. And if you work in logistics, one of those choices probably involves how you want to move your products. This choice might not be too difficult on its own every time, but if you have to ship internationally and have to meet strict deadlines, it might be much more difficult.

Before deciding between air freight and ocean shipping, the two most common means of transporting goods across continents, consider the benefits of both.

Air freight vs.  Ocean freight 

The choice of the best mode of transportation for your freight requires ongoing research. A one-time survey of your store network needs will not be adequate to keep your inventory network proficient and savvy. Working with a provider that provides a comprehensive set of global logistics and technology services can help make sure that the method you want is available when you need it the most, regardless of the method you choose. When deciding between ocean shipping or air freight services in Oman for your current transportation needs, keep the following factors in mind:


The cost is determined by the characteristics of the freight. Although it may appear that ocean shipping is always less expensive than air freight, you must first comprehend how each is billed. Chargeable weight, which is a metric that is calculated by combining the shipment’s weight and size, is the method by which air freight is billed. The weight of a shipment is rarely taken into account during ocean shipping. Instead, ocean shipping is billed by container, with a flat rate for a full standard container (20′ x 40′). By cubic meter, less than container loads (LCL) are billed.

Shipping via ocean is frequently significantly less expensive for shipments that are large and heavy. However, as shipment sizes decrease, so does the price difference between air and ocean. However, transportation costs are only the beginning. Additionally, you must calculate inventory costs. Airport warehousing fees are typically less expensive than ocean shipping warehousing fees. When shipping internationally, keep in mind that both modes of transportation will have to pay fees for customs and the destination.

Fast Delivery

In comparison with ocean shipping, air freight is significantly faster. Sometimes it takes weeks for ocean shipments to arrive. In just a few days, air freight can reach its destination. Even though ocean shipping routes are constantly being improved and ships are getting faster, air freight still beats them all. Many industries are quickly becoming accustomed to faster delivery times. However, before sending everything by air immediately, strategically plan your shipping strategy. You will save money and benefit from long-term efficiency.


Both air travel and sea travel can be relied upon for reliability. However, air travel tends to be better at accommodating schedule changes than sea travel. Weather conditions are much more likely to disrupt airline schedules than ocean travel, but flights are typically rescheduled quickly and effectively. Additionally, there are typically multiple daily flights between major cities, whereas ships typically depart on a weekly basis.

Air freight may not always be more dependable than ocean freight, despite this. Ships typically need a few days to get back on track after being thrown off schedule. Ocean shipping, on the other hand, is an appealing option for some time-sensitive freight like perishables, fashion, and auto parts because ongoing alliances between ocean carriers can build reliability and integrity for ocean service.

Service may be affected by the complexity of ocean alliances. Although alliances between ocean carriers increase reliability, they can also result in complications. For instance, if three ocean carriers collaborate, you might receive a vessel from one carrier one week and the same vessel from another. Concerning the types of goods that are permitted, each carrier has its own set of guidelines. Therefore, even if you ship the same product weekly on the same vessel, if a different carrier is in charge, your product may be denied due to new regulations.

Should you use ocean shipping or air freight?

Typically, speed of delivery is the most important factor when choosing air travel. When compared to ocean service, moving your cargo through the air allows for a shorter schedule. This is especially helpful when shipping things that have a short shelf life. However, higher transportation costs frequently come with faster service. You are the only person who can decide what will work best for your shipping strategy.

So, which option should you take?

Assess when your merchandise needs to show up at their objective, what your spending plan is, and what every mode will mean for your business’ top necessities.

If your budget allows it and your shipments have a strict, quickly approaching deadline for arrival, ship via air. Ship by ocean if you want to save money or have more flexibility with your arrival date.


If you’re having trouble choosing the best shipping options, hire a logistics company in Oman. For improved cost effectiveness, select a logistics provider with the capacity to combine your air and ocean freight with that of others. The best global service providers apply their knowledge of working with the world’s largest and most sophisticated shippers to your success.


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