Amazing Reasons Why You Should Buy The Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80!

Amazing Reasons Why You Should Buy The Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80!

Tissot is undoubtedly well-known, and one of the Luxury Watch Brands people love. Many watch lovers and wristwatch collectors eagerly await to get their hands on it as soon as a new Tissot is out. Yet, the older collections, models, and designs continue to remain as popular even today.

Tissot is a 100% Swiss watch brand, so when you buy one, you never have to worry about its make. Quality, durability, and accuracy are synonymous with Swiss watches. Well, at the end of the day, Tissot needs no introduction, so our focus today is on Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80. This fantastic watch is not only gorgeous and elegant, but it is also a multifunctional and equally versatile timepiece.

It Is Unisex!

You might find watches labelled as lady vs gent, but the designs are not so. They simply vary in size and use the same simple and graceful look for both variations. Moreover, with a few exceptions, most of the watches in this collection can be worn by both men and women. You can pick the watch that is most convenient to you according to your wrist size compared to the diameter of the watch. Ever seen a timepiece so stunning, but it turned out to be marketed only to the opposite sex? It is more common than you think!

People’s tastes in watches are highly varied. At times, it can be odd to wear a watch marketed for the other gender when you love it so much, and it just fits you. This is why we adore the Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80. You can pick any watch from the collection, and nobody’s going to know if it’s for gents or ladies.

Smaller Sizes for Suitable Fits

Most of the watches in this assortment are in a smaller size. It seems to be a problem for many watch enthusiasts. But looking from their point of view, they may not be all that wrong. Downsizing a watch, as we have seen in many brands, also means scaling down on functions and often even the quality. This is why everyone gets suspicious when a brand comes out with smaller-sized watches. It, though, is not the case with the Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 from one of the best Luxury Watch Brands out there.

Despite its size, it has a whopping 300 meters of water resistance – something unbeatable by plenty of larger watches.

A Diver Best Friend

This watch is a great companion for dives. The bezel over the dial is unidirectional, thus making it perfect for diving. It also comes with Super LumiNova hands and markers that help improve visibility underwater. In addition to this, the Ceramic Bezel is scratch-resistant and can be rotated for timing dives.

An 80-Hour Power Reserve and EOL

We cannot talk about this watch from one of the best Luxury Watch Brands without talking about its impressive power reserve. You get a mega 80 hours of power reserve with this quartz watch. If you don’t know what that means, that is an incredible three days!

With this watch, you will never be caught with a low battery or a watch that has simply stopped running on your wrist. It comes with an End of Life indicator; it will tell you exactly when it is time to change the battery so you can change it as soon as possible. Conversely, you can also switch out and wear another watch until you find the time to get the battery changed. In any case, it is definitely a huge benefit.

Luxury Watch But Affordable

There are many benefits to owning a watch from a luxury watch brand. The problem is that the price should be more balanced as we are paying for the brand name right along with the product. This is what you will find with luxury watches around the world, but the Seastar series is an exception to this rule.

While the brand is a popular brand, the watch is attractive, Swiss-made, premium, and of the highest quality; they are still highly affordable. This is unlike most luxury watch brands. You are getting brand value, quality, and a watch made with top-notch materials at such a low cost.

Made For Your Wrist!

You will find that this masterpiece is going to fit as if it was custom-made for your very wrists. That’s how well it compliments!

Tissot has truly lived up to its name of ‘Innovators By Tradition.’ There’s probably no other watch out there that can provide a better look. What makes it one of the best is that no matter which watches you buy from this series, you will surely treasure it.

To add even more meaning to this, you can also change the strap as much as you like. Prefer rubber straps? Go for it! Nah, leather is more your thing? Why not!

If you are undecided about what the perfect strap is for you or are unsure how to wear it with your outfit, you can always stock up on different straps and change them whenever you need.

The Finer Details

The watches from this series can be found equipped with automatic as well as Quartz movement. It is a part of the T-Sport Collection from Tissot and comes for men and women. It is water resistant up to 30 bar and comes with a 2 years warranty. Tissot has made use of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and an equally scratch-resistant ceramic bezel to go over it.


That brings us to the end of all our praise about the Tissot Seastar collection. Now, it is high time you treat yourself to a watch, so check out other Tissot collections in Bijoux Eclore. Browse our collection for any watch you want, or read our blogs for advice. Happy shopping, folks!

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