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Armed Security Guards Vs. Unarmed Security Guards: Which One Is Better?

Armed Security Guards Vs. Unarmed Security Guards: Which One Is Better?

One of your main concerns should be keeping your company secure. It’s among the most significant choices you’ll have to make. You must determine if your company needs armed or unarmed security personnel.

Customers and business owners may feel more secure with the presence of security personnel. They also serve as a very effective deterrent to those who might otherwise commit crimes more readily.

You may wonder what kind of security team is best for you if you’re considering hiring someone to watch over your company. 

Continue reading for additional information to aid with your decision.


Who Are Armed Security Guards?

An armed security officer is above eighteen, have no criminal records, and have completed their high school education. A degree in political science or criminal justice is necessary for some. They have received a great deal of training and typically carry a gun. 

Using lethal force when necessary is the most significant advantage of being an armed security guard. 

Customers in a business feel more secure and at ease when armed guards are around. On the other hand, discomfort may arise if individuals believe they are present needlessly. In these cases, an unarmed guard would be more appropriate.


Who Are Unarmed Security Guards?

The responsibilities of an unarmed security guard are comparatively lower than those of an armed guard, and they are not armed. They frequently carry tasers, pepper spray, and batons, among other non-lethal weapons. 

Having an armed guard would be unsettling, but so would having no watch; unarmed guards are the ideal option. Their very presence in those situations usually serves as a deterrent to criminality.

These guards can help your clients with several additional errands as well. Unarmed guards can do various tasks besides providing security, such as guiding people to their cars after dark, working at a front desk, and preventing people from entering prohibited areas.


Armed Security Guards Vs. Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed and armed security personnel differ in their weapons and equipment. Unarmed guards carry minor deterrents but not dangerous weapons, while armed security contractors have equipment to protect themselves and others from serious threats.


Extensive Training

Security contractors often provide training to their guards, with the level of training varying between unarmed and armed personnel. Unarmed guards learn specific routes and identify suspicious behavior, while armed personnel undergo more training in physical security functions and weapon handling.


Visible Presence

Taking notes when a weapon is visible is expected in today’s environment. Armed security personnel repel threats and respond to them to provide protection. Criminals will be less confident committing a crime when they see armed and trained personnel around them. It is evident from society’s long history of referring to guards as “mall cops” that they are neither naturally deserving of respect nor effective in deterring crime. Many individuals hold guards without the appropriate presence in low regard. People are more likely to respect a security guard who is well-groomed and carries a visible weapon because of their distinct presence. They can prevent crimes before they are committed.



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