Best Spanish Institute in Delhi

Instituto Hispania has been operating in Delhi since 1997 and is recognized as one of the finest Spanish institutes. Their outstanding pedagogy adheres to CEFR standards as well as international exams such as DELE and SIELE; additionally they provide one-on-one lessons for individuals needing Spanish for work or travel purposes.

Oracle Language Institute

The institute provides foreign language classes of various levels and prepares students for international exams such as SIELE and DIE. Our teachers are experienced veterans from renowned schools and universities. Classes are tailored specifically to each student’s learning style and goals while our curriculum encompasses cultural aspects of Spanish history and culture.

Oracle Language Institute also provides online classes. These interactive, one-on-one lessons feature highly qualified and dedicated instructors – making this option perfect for those wanting to learn a foreign language from home.

There are a number of foreign language institutes in Delhi, but one of the most acclaimed is Instituto Hispania, established in 1997 and offering top-quality pedagogy and teaching materials. With both native-speaker instructors as well as non-native ones on staff, their specialist knowledge of both Hispanic culture and Spanish is unsurpassed.

Furthermore, the Institute is an authorized FIDESCU and SIELE center, with teachers trained to teach the most commonly used tenses and offering customized programs tailored specifically to each student. Furthermore, this school also offers various Spanish courses for business and tourism – held in an enjoyable atmosphere that allows learners to develop their conversational abilities in foreign languages.

Fluent Fast Academy

Kotla Mubarakpur School provides Spanish courses to its students. Their trainers are highly experienced teachers who emphasize strengthening speaking, writing and listening abilities of their pupils. Free study material is provided and classes take place in an informal yet friendly atmosphere with 4.7 star reviews on Google. Upon completing the course, participants are eligible for a certificate if they missed no more than two classes during its entirety.

Instituto Cervantes in Delhi offers courses in multiple foreign languages. Their curriculum follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; their complete Spanish program spans 20 levels from A1.1 to C2.4 with 100 hours per level spanning both weekdays and weekends.

JMI’s Centre for European and Latin American Studies (CELAS) offers part-time certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas in various languages – such as Spanish. Their course spans six semesters and offers everything from conversation skills to studying Spain and Latin America. Students can enroll on their own time or attend a campus near them – making CELAS an excellent way to learn a new language at your convenience while advancing your career goals in Spanish!


Learning a foreign language best occurs within an actual classroom setting. Gaining real-life experience cannot be replaced online and is essential to successful language acquisition. While many institutions provide online portals to aid language acquisition, nothing beats getting your hands dirty in real life classes!

There are various institutes in Delhi offering Spanish as a second language courses that offer various programs, from intensive curricula that teach students quickly to become fluent speakers within months, to teams of native Spanish-speakers who specialize in improving your conversational abilities and helping improve them further.

Instituto Hispania is one of the top Spanish institutes in Delhi. They boast modern infrastructure, pocket-friendly fees and an outstanding curriculum with levels that systematically develop communication, active & receptive skills as well as international exams administered by FIDESCU & SIELE for certification of Spanish proficiency.

There are various colleges in Delhi-University which provide part-time certificates, diplomas, and advanced diploma courses in Spanish. These colleges include St. Stephen’s College (North Campus) – Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma; Daulat Ram College in Maurice Nagar – Certificate Diploma Advanced Diploma; Miranda House Patel Chest Marg – Certificate; and the YMCA Institute for Career Studies offering Diploma (one year). Students are taught by native as well as non-native instructors.


Spanish is one of the world’s most beloved foreign languages, offering numerous advantages to those who study it. Not only is Spanish an integral component of business communication, it can also open up numerous travel and cultural experiences. Learning this Western Romance language could even increase career prospects – so if you’re considering lessons here are some top Spanish institutes in Delhi to get your learning underway!

Instituto Cervantes offers full and part-time Spanish classes for students in Delhi at reasonable fees, and provides students with a selection of textbooks for study.

Preply offers online Spanish classes that fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle, offering access to over 5388 teachers as well as booking private lessons for yourself or groups or families.

Another great option for studying Spanish at university level is enrolling in language classes offered at various DU colleges, which offer full-time certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses in Spanish such as St. Stephen’s College at North Campus; Daulat Ram College Maurice Nagar Diploma Course and Mata Sundri College Patel Chest Marg Advanced Diploma.


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