How to Build Your Own White-Label VOD Platform in 2023?

How to Build Your Own White-Label VOD Platform in 2023?

The way customers receive content has significantly changed in recent years. Demand for VOD services is overgrowing across the board, from traditional cable TV channels to streaming media at one’s convenience. A VOD platform can be used to provide content to your audience online.

A white-label OTT platform allows any video content creator to subscribe to a third-party OTT platform provider and brand it as their own thereby   boosting your brand visibility and online presence in the market. 

In this post, we will explore about white-label video-on-demand platforms, the benefits of adopting a white-label video platform, and how to build a white-label video platform.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

White-Label VOD Platform: An Overview

VOD, or Video on Demand, is a technique or technology for distributing videos that allow users to request specific video content such as movies, TV programs, web series, etc. Unlike live broadcasting, customers can view pre-recorded videos anytime they want.

A white-label VOD platform is your own branded VOD platform, similar to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video, that offers an extensive range of video content to your subscribers. Continue reading if you’re still unsure why you need to build a white-label VOD platform.

Nowadays, several user-friendly VOD platform providers offer no-code white-label solutions for easy connections. It has a wide range of features.

Most significantly, you can ask for customized solutions to meet your specific video business requirements. White-label video-on-demand solutions are being used by an increasing number of content providers to promote their videos online. 


Why Build a White-Label VOD Platform? – Know the Key Reasons!

Developing your own best white-label VOD platforms provides a number of benefits. Using a white-label product offers more benefits than professionalism. However, it also offers more flexibility, variety of video monetization options, and other advantages. In simpler terms, you get to build your own brand and set yourself out from the crowd. 

Now, let us have a look at some of the few benefits of white-label streaming platforms;

Increased Market Potential

The global market for video streaming apps and websites are massive. According to the latest statistics, global income from video streaming applications is predicted to reach $115 billion by 2026, up from $72.2 billion in 2021.  Statistics show that more than 80% of US homes have at least one subscription to a video streaming service, and 27% of global users do so solely for access to original digital content. 

These are only a few instances of the vast potential of the VOD streaming business, from which you could make money by building your own white label OTT platform.

Attracts a Large Audience Base

When you launch white-label VOD, you can connect with a massive audience no matter where you are in the globe or what time zone you are in. The use of smart devices, internet connectivity, and the need for original video content has increased in recent years, and so has online video consumption.  

According to statistics, over 65% of people worldwide use videos as their primary source of news and entertainment, and 92% of internet users view videos at least once a week. You can benefit in many ways by developing your own white-label VOD platform and establishing a successful video streaming business.

High Scalability

A video streaming business is not only incredibly profitable, but it is also highly scalable. You can quickly scale your white-label VOD platform across continents, add more content diversity, and provide a plethora of various plans that cater to a diverse spectrum of customer tastes.  Moreover, you can easily build a white-label app or channel for various smart TV ecosystems, allowing you to grow and extend your business efficiently.

Improved Brand Recognition:

Developing your own white-label VOD platform helps you to have a unique brand presence. By selecting the top white-label VOD service providers, you will be able to run your VOD platform under your own brand name rather than the platform provider’s name. This, in turn, will boost brand visibility and help your business thrive. 

7 Easy Steps to Build Your Own White-Label VOD Platform

To create your own white-label VOD platform, follow the steps outlined below;

Step 1 – Select your platform

Before creating a video streaming platform, think about your budget. You have two options, 1st is to build your own VOD platform from scratch or use a pre-built solution.

If you want to create your own VOD platform, think about it carefully. Hiring professionals, designers, and building will almost probably be costly and time-consuming. You will have something that satisfies all your needs, which is a big plus.  If you’re starting from scratch, be prepared to put in a lot of time and work to secure your system. Whether you create your own content or buy licensed videos, you must ensure that the content is secure from unauthorized access. 

Buying a white-label solution saves both money and time. A VOD platform provider can also help you with the launch, modification, and operation of your platform. 

Step 2 – Customize the branding and style of your platform

You must create a brand identity for your top white-label VOD platform. Make sure that your platform stands out from the competition by giving it a unique name and logo, using the right colors, and spreading the word about it.

Step 3 – Integrate payment and subscription options

You need to ensure that your white-label video streaming platform allows for easier integration with numerous tools. For example, if you want to increase your subscriber base, your platform should get integrated with payment and subscription options to ensure that the actions are carried out.

Step 4 – Upload and organize your video content

Upload your final content to your video hosting platform. Also, be sure that you’ve chosen an online video platform that allows for secure uploading. If you’re going to upload numerous large video files at once, check to verify if your OVP supports FTP upload. Several OVPs let users create series by adding content to playlists. That’s fantastic for streaming different series of content while keeping everything organized.

Step 5 – Create user accounts and access permissions

Once you’ve completed developing your white-label video streaming platform, it’s time to make it accessible to your whole target audience. While the website and mobile applications are obvious choices, collaborate with other providers to show the same. Popular examples are Android TV, Samsung TV, and others.

Step 6 – Test and improve the performance of your platform.

After that, test your white-label VOD platform to make sure that everything is functional for your viewers when they access the content. With this step, you can enhance the performance of your VOD Platform.

Step 7 – Start promoting your white-label VOD platform

If your test goes well, it’s time to start promoting your white-label VOD platform. The goal of the content will determine how you can promote it.

Your “promotion” for internal content will be sending the link to the site with the members of your team who need to access it. If you would like to monetize your on-demand website and turn it into a VOD streaming service, you’ll need to devote more time and effort to advertising and marketing efforts.

Summing Up:

The White-label VOD platform is one of the most successful ways to promote your brand and generate revenue for your business. However, if you want your users to return, you must provide high-quality video content that is also interesting. Do everything possible to improve your users’ viewing experience, and you’ll find yourself with a rising subscriber base. 


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