Effective ways to improve studies

Effective ways to improve studies

Everyone knows very well the importance of education. Education makes the future bright by removing the darkness of a person’s life. If there is a good confluence of education and culture, then a person’s life becomes successful. Every parent wants to give good values and education to their children. Good manners are instilled in the child from childhood, but many times there are obstacles in education, or even after trying in life, failure is at hand. In such a situation, it is natural for every parent to worry about the future of their child. Astrology says that even if planets start giving inauspicious results in one’s horoscope, education starts getting affected. When the position of the planets is bad, there are obstacles in education, and sometimes education is completely interrupted, so it is also necessary to take measures to make the planets favorable. So let’s know which planets create obstacles in education and what measures should be taken to make them friendly.

An aspect of an Inauspicious planet in the fifth house of a horoscope

According to Career astrology, the fifth house of the birth chart is considered to be related to education. If inauspicious planets Rahu-Ketu are aspected in the fifth house of someone’s horoscope, then problems start coming in education. Apart from this, if the position of Saturn and Mars is not good in the horoscope, then also problems related to education start coming. If this planet is inauspicious in someone’s horoscope, then efforts should be made to make it favorable immediately.

These planets are directly related to education.

According to astrology, the planets Jupiter and Mercury play an important role in education. While the planet Jupiter bestows knowledge and success, Mercury is considered the benefactor of intelligence and eloquence. Due to the auspicious position of Jupiter, the person gets a high position, success, prosperity, and respect, whereas due to the auspicious position of Mercury, the person gets success in education and work due to intelligence and eloquence. If this planet is in an inauspicious position, then there are problems in education. It is very important for these planets to be auspicious to remove obstacles related to education.

Do these measures remove the obstacles to education?

According to astrology, Lord Vishnu should be worshiped to remove the inauspiciousness of Jupiter. If there is an obstacle in education, then one should fast on Ekadashi. Parents can keep this fast for their children.

If someone’s Mercury planet is weak, then he should worship Lord Ganesha daily and donate green things on Wednesdays. Due to this, the inauspiciousness of the planet Mercury goes away and the problems in education go away. Lord Ganesha is also considered the god of wisdom. Worshiping them increases positivity and intelligence.

Following are some effective tips for good studies:

Time Management: Plan a good study schedule and use time wisely. Keep regular track of how much time you have available and how many objective activities you have.

Healthy lifestyle: Eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and regular physical activity can help your focus work better.

Suitable Study Location: Choose a peaceful, discreet, and pleasant study location so that you can concentrate and actually study.

Self-Study System: Setting aside a fixed place or time to study can help. This will help you prepare your mindset for your studies.

Variety in Study: Studying different subjects and not just one subject will refresh your mind and develop your mental abilities.

Health Morale: It is important to think positively and maintain a healthy mindset. Take time for self-talk and mental health.

Constitutional Notes: While studying, making notes in a constitutional manner and writing down essential information will strengthen your understanding.

Ask for help: If you don’t understand something, be curious and ask a teacher or classmate for help.

Review: Review from time to time at the end of the study process to know how your understanding is improving.

Self-relevance: Try to match the study to your personal situation. Be inspired by your interests and goals.

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