How to Avoid Fire Hazards and Injuries When Using Fireworks?

How to Avoid Fire Hazards and Injuries When Using Fireworks?

Fireworks safety is crucial to prevent fire hazards and injuries, especially when celebrating events like fireworks Manchester. Fireworks can bring joy and excitement to any occasion but should be handled responsibly. Following the guidelines below, you can ensure everyone involved has a safe and enjoyable fireworks experience.

1. Purchase Fireworks from Licensed Sellers

Always choose licensed sellers when buying fireworks in Manchester. These sellers comply with safety standards and regulations, reducing the risk of purchasing faulty or dangerous fireworks. Furthermore, purchasing fireworks from authorized sellers supports the local economy and ensures that the fireworks have been sourced responsibly.

2. Read and Follow the Instructions

Carefully read and follow the instructions and warnings provided by the manufacturer. Each type of firework may have specific guidelines for safe handling and ignition. Ignoring these instructions can lead to accidents, injuries, or even fires. Take the time to understand how each firework should be used and the safety precautions associated with it.

3. Choose a Safe Location

Select a suitable outdoor location away from buildings, dry vegetation, and overhead obstructions. An open space like a park or an empty field is ideal. Keeping fireworks away from homes, vehicles, and flammable materials minimizes the risk of accidental fires. When choosing the location, consider the prevailing wind direction to ensure that the smoke and debris from the fireworks do not blow toward spectators or inhabited areas.

4. Keep Water Source Ready

Always have a water source nearby in emergencies. A bucket of water, a hose, or a fire extinguisher should be readily available to put out any unexpected fires. Being prepared can prevent a slight mishap from turning into a major disaster. Additionally, a first aid kit should also be on hand to address minor injuries if they occur.

5. Safety Gear

Consider wearing safety goggles and ear protection when handling fireworks, especially if you’re setting off loud fireworks or sparklers. Goggles protect your eyes from sparks and debris, while ear protection guards against loud noise. A dust mask can also be helpful, especially for respiratory sensitivities, as it can reduce exposure to smoke and particulates.

6. Keep Spectators at a Safe Distance

Establish a designated area for spectators to enjoy the display safely. Ensure they stand a considerable distance from the fireworks launch site. You can use barriers or tapes to mark the safe zone. Consider setting up a perimeter using safety cones or flags to prevent people from accidentally wandering into hazardous areas during the display.

7. Supervise Children

If children are present, ensure they are at a safe distance from the fireworks and closely supervised by responsible adults at all times. Children should not handle fireworks themselves. Use this opportunity to teach them about firework safety, the potential risks, and the importance of following instructions.

8. Dispose of Fireworks Safely

After the fireworks display, soak used fireworks in water before disposing of them in a metal trash container. Dousing them with water ensures they are completely extinguished and reduces the risk of accidental fires. Let the soaked fireworks sit overnight to ensure they are safe to handle before disposal.

9. Know Local Laws

Familiarize yourself with Manchester’s fireworks laws and regulations. Different regions may have varying restrictions on the types of fireworks allowed and designated times for use. Complying with local laws is not only necessary for safety but also for legal reasons. Engaging in illegal fireworks activities can result in fines or other legal consequences.

In addition to these safety guidelines, it’s essential to be aware of some specific safety tips for different types of fireworks:

10. Sparklers

Sparklers may seem harmless, but they can reach temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit (649 degrees Celsius). Never hold or wave sparklers near your face, clothing, or others. Always hold them at arm’s length and away from your body. After use, place used sparklers in a bucket of water to cool before disposal.

11. Firecrackers

Firecrackers should never be held or thrown by hand. Place them on the ground, light the fuse, and quickly move away. To avoid accidental ignition, keep the firecrackers in their original packaging until ready to use.

12. Roman Candles and Rockets

Launch these fireworks from a stable, secure base. Never hold them in your hand. Make sure they are pointed away from buildings and people. Use a commercially available launching tube or firing base designed for these types of fireworks.

13. Fountains and Ground Spinners

Place these fireworks on a flat and level surface before lighting them. Keep spectators at a safe distance. These fireworks emit showers of sparks, so be cautious about the direction they face during ignition.


In Fireworks Manchester, where large gatherings and celebrations may occur, it becomes even more critical to implement safety measures diligently. Large-scale displays require careful planning, coordination, and execution to ensure they proceed smoothly and without accidents. Event organizers and licensed pyrotechnicians should take responsibility for adhering to safety protocols and ensuring the safety of participants and spectators.


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