How to Make Your Own Cryptocurrency The Easiest Way

How to Make Your Own Cryptocurrency The Easiest Way

There are currently 2,2904 cryptocurrencies on the market. Since the introduction of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, in 2009, haven’t things changed at an accelerated rate? Yes, the market is flooded with countless tokens and coins that can be invested in various ways. Does the increasing number of cryptocurrencies imply that you can continue with cryptocurrency development? If so, do you need the assistance of an experienced crypto development firm, or can you launch your coin or token on your own?

Before discussing how to create a cryptocurrency, we must first attempt to comprehend its true meaning. 

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency protected by encryption technology and used to regulate the production of currency units and verify transactions.

The main features of cryptocurrency:

  • Decentralization
  • Anonymity
  • Security

No central authority, such as a bank, government, or financial institution, regulates digital currency. It is transferred from one wallet address to another via a peer-to-peer network consisting of chronologically connected blocks that store transaction data. The data stored in blocks cannot be modified.     

Difference Between Coins & Tokens

  • The principal subcategories of cryptocurrencies are coins and tokens. What is the distinction between these two?
  • Coins are native to the blockchain, but tokens can utilize the blockchain of another coin. Ether, for instance, is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain, but tokens such as BEP and BAT can also be operated via Ethereum.
  • Coins are used as a payment medium, whereas tokens represent an asset. Tokens can be wagered or exchanged.  
  • Coin transactions can be handled through a blockchain, but token transactions require smart contracts. 
  • When a token is spent, its ownership is transferred, and it moves to a new location. A transaction is recorded on the blockchain, but no coins are transferred. 

Advantages of cryptocurrency development

There are numerous advantages to creating and utilizing cryptocurrencies. Before beginning your search for a crypto development firm, you must determine who will benefit from it. Let’s understand!

  1. Decentralization

The greatest advantage of cryptocurrency is that a central authority does not govern it. 

  1. Faster and Quicker Transactions

Unlike conventional methods of exchanging fiat currency, cryptocurrencies are sent and received via the blockchain technology, automatically accelerating transactions. 

  1. Low transaction fees

There is no fee-charging middleman, so only the blockchain’s gas fees for the transaction are incurred. 

  1. Global acceptance

Unlike fiat currency, which is only valued within its own country, cryptocurrencies are accepted worldwide.

  1. Easier cross-border transactions

Payment processing from one country to another neither takes days nor incurs a currency conversion fee. It makes no difference whether you pay someone in your home country or abroad.  

  1. Privacy & Transparency 

The records of transactions are stored securely on a distributed ledger, allowing the sender and recipient to access the data and information in an unambiguous manner. Second, the sender and recipient are not required to reveal their identities, so they can exchange funds anonymously. 

 How to create a cryptocurrency?

As we enter a discussion of cryptocurrency development, we will discuss the token and coin development processes separately.

  1. Token Development

Tokens are simpler to produce than coins. There is no requirement to build a blockchain or define a consensus mechanism. You only need to take the following steps:

  • Determine the purpose.
  • Choose the token standard.
  • Set a limit of supply.
  • Decide about the utility of the token.
  • Select the blockchain platform on which a token will be developed. 
  • Create an intelligent contract for the token. Typically, developers adhere to the ERC or BEP token standards. 
  1. Coin Development

For coin development, it is tedious and time-consuming to create a new blockchain. Even if you know how to create a cryptocurrency, it is preferable to choose the right crypto development company due to the need for technical expertise. Here is how you can create a coin with the assistance of professionals:

  • Select the consensus protocol for the new blockchain.
  • Determine whether the blockchain architecture will be public or private.
  • Select the desired block size.
  • Set the design and development of the node.
  • Choose the security and privacy settings.
  • Define the objective of releasing a new coin.
  • Even copying the code of an existing cryptocurrency and creating hard forks of its blockchain is possible. Dogecoin, for instance, was created as a result of the hard fork of Litecoin. 

Estimated Time Consumed For Coin Development

The development of a coin is a complex and time-consuming process. Launching a new coin could take days or even months, depending on a number of variables. When compared to hard forking a blockchain, the time required to write codes from scratch is automatically greater. 

The Cost of crypto development

  • The cost of crypto token development, contingent on the service fees of the crypto development company you hire and the development process itself, can vary depending on several factors. Creating a token is significantly less expensive than creating a full-fledged coin. Suppose you decide to pursue the development of a cryptocurrency. In that case, you can run an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund or manage the expenses independently. Regardless of the chosen path, it is essential to consider the costs associated with crypto token development and carefully evaluate the available options.

Wrapping Up

If you spend digital currency, you may have pondered how to create a cryptocurrency and invest it for profit or trading without worry. Suffescom Solutions Inc., a crypto development firm with years of experience, can facilitate the launch of your new coin or token. We bring your ideas to life. Consult with us now!


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