How to Watch TV Channels Online

How to Watch TV Channels Online

Have you been subscribing to a DTH service that costs you dollars per month, yet you only view a handful of shows and movies? Especially considering that the majority of episodes can be watched online.

Nearly every television network is now broadcasting its episodes over the internet, making it possible for anyone with a smartphone, a reliable internet connection, and either a streaming dongle or a Smart TV. Use these platforms or ipTV players to watch all of their programs without paying a subscription fee.

The article below explains the requirements to enjoy TV channels online without paying any extra subscription fees or just a limited amount. So without any further delay let’s begin.

Prerequisites in order to watch free TV online:

The following things are required to watch TV channels online. Once you have them you can enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, and other content for free or at just minimal subscription prices.

1. A Reliable Connection to the Internet

The basic necessity for a decent experience while watching videos online is a high-speed and reliable internet connection that is accessible via a Wifi router. You can accomplish this with a 4G mobile internet router and Wifi connection, or a combination of the two.

When it comes to the internet, speed is the most significant issue that needs to be considered. When it comes to streaming video material, companies such as Prime or Netflix recommend a minimum speed of 1.5 Mbps. And as the resolution of streaming increases upto 5Mbps speed is required.

After considering speed, the next most crucial component for streaming is the stability of the Internet. Despite a high-speed internet connection, frequent interruptions, or drops in connection quality,  it is challenging for you to connect to these services to stream content online.

In light of this, it is absolutely necessary to make use of a broadband router of a high grade or 4G hotspot gadget.

2. A Smart Television or a Dongle To Stream Videos

If you already Smart TV that allows you to transmit video from your smartphone or launch an application on the TV itself, you can skip to the third step.

If this is not the case, you may quickly transform your current LCD or LED television into smart TV by using video dongle.

In simple terms, dongle is piece of hardware that performs the function of a setup box that connects your television to a wireless network.

The ability to install apps is undoubtedly the most useful function of the Firestick. This means that you are able to install virtually any streaming application into the Firestick gadget and view the material on your television set.

Additionally, Firestick comes with a remote control that supports voice controls, which makes it much simpler to navigate between different streaming apps and entertainment.

3. Streaming Apps

The following is a list of streaming apps, some of which are free while others cost money, that you may use to stream video:

Disney Plus HotStar

You’ll be able to access all of the most popular Star Network material right here, completely free of charge. This app offers over 70 percent of its material for free. As premium or paid material, only a select few movies and international television series, such as “Game of Thrones,” are now available.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers a good balance of International films and television series, in addition to a few original productions that are available nowhere else online but on Prime Video.


If you have a passion for watching stuff from other countries, there is no better app than Netflix. Netflix is the only software that supports multiple users and allows for up to 4 different profiles for each user.

Sony LIV

You may watch content from all of the Sony Network channels on Sony LIV. It’s similar to Hotstar in that the majority of the content is free, but if you want to stream live channels in HD or view a popular movie, you might have to pay for a premium subscription.


The app that reigns supreme among streaming services is YouTube. You may discover anything from web series to vlogs to old serials to movies entertainment and drama here, some of which cost money and others are available for free. In terms of compatibility with Chromecast is also possible. Downloadable stuff is available (depending on the type of subscription), and yes, original content is also available.

Closing Lines:

Hopefully, now you know how to watch TV channels online. Using the above techniques you can enjoy your favorite TV channels, shows, or movies online. If you have any questions or suggestions for us feel free to connect with us in the comments.


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