Looking Closely Into Insight And AthenaHealth EMR Software 

Looking Closely Into Insight And AthenaHealth EMR Software 

Evaluating EMR solutions has always been an arduous task. Today we will help you evaluate two potential healthcare solutions AthenaHealth and Insight EMR software. Before wrapping up this guide, we will even compare a short comparison of the two. So, stay tuned till the end.  

Insight EMR  

Insight EMR is an outpatient rehab therapy solution known for facilitating physical, speech and occupational therapy practices. The  Insight by Clinicient EMR is a versatile software running on HL7, an interoperable and smooth interface.   

Exploring Insight EMR Through The Reviews:  

The top elements of Insight EMR that users appreciate the most, as per the reviews, are: 

Point-of-care documentation:

The reviews of Insight EMR reveal how it simplifies documentation with built-in charting and voice recognition services. Also, it offers faster access to the clinical content library and the patient’s medical history nurturing defensible and intelligent rehab documentation.   

Goal Tracking:

The next feature of Insight EMR highlighted in the reviews is goal tracking. The system allows for Medicare-compliant goal tracking and enables physicians to set goals on the fly. This feature is backed by automated updates so users stay updated on their goal’s progress.   

Outcomes Management:

According to the reviews, the outcomes management feature of Insight EMR is lit. This vendor-agnostic solution adds value to the reimbursement process by automating MIPS reporting. Users can leverage the Keet Outcomes QCDR to simply collect and submit payments.   

Data Exchange:

The caregivers also applaud its seamless data exchange capability. It integrates with MDM, ORU, DFT and ADT etc., eliminating the need for re-data entry. Also, the vendor integrates with the existing clinical solutions to auto-populate the entire database into its system.   


The Insight EMR reviews state how it empowers clinicians with data-rich insights by leveraging clinical, financial and administrative data. The software puts its business intelligence tools into action to conduct through analytics driving practices to meaningful and data-driven decisions. 

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What Does Its Price Structure Look Like?  

We will now cover the pricing information of Insight EMR. The user statements of Insight EMR usually pique clinicians’ interest in the software; thus, they inquire about its pricing details. Are you also feeling the same way? There’s no need to go anywhere else, for we have packed the pricing info of Insight EMR. Actually, Insight EMR has not disclosed its detailed pricing structure. But reliable sources reveal that this vendor’s estimated starting price is nothing over $50 /provider/month. Some clients say that Insight EMR comes with monthly and annual subscription options. But to know what’s the fact, request the pricing details by reaching out to Insight EMR.  

The Demo Overview  

The Insight EMR presents an in-depth demo that doesn’t exclude any information. The key emphasis of the Insight EMR demo is on how this viable solution organizes finances and impacts clinical workflow. You shouldn’t pass up this alluring opportunity because Insight EMR educates providers about its integrated specifications throughout the demo. You only need to click the “Request Demo” button in the top-right corner of the Insight website to set up a demo.  

AthenaHealth EMR Software 

The AthenaHealth EMR is a multi-specialty software working wonders for medical practices. This healthcare platform runs a diverse feature spectrum shaping the clinical spectrum. Also, the vendor elevates the performance of practices with its IT-driven services.  

Exploring Athenahealth EMR Through The Reviews 

Let’s explore the top features of AthenaHealth as per the user testimonials. 

Care Coordination:

The AthenaHealth EMR software coordinates care across the spectrum with exceptional population health services. It assesses the risks associated with patient cases to mitigate them from the ground up and elevates patient engagement levels along the way.  


This module of Athena EMR is the talk of the town. It boosts revenue generation, cutting the time spent on A/R and reducing administrative costs. The athenaIDX revenue management solution increases automation and reduces redundancies from the revenue stream, enhancing payment collections.  

Mobile Compatibility:

AthenaHealth EMR software features on-the-go mobile services. This service makes clinical task management a no-brainer. Providers can get lab results, edit patient documents, accept refill requests and digitally sign orders throughout the day with utter flexibility.  

Advisory Services:

The reviews of this robust platform depict how much users praise the advisory services of AthenaHealth. The seasoned consultants of this merchant provide expert administrative and organizational guidance increasing the ROI of healthcare facilities. It includes strategic consulting, technology optimization, performance management etc.  


Of all the services of AthenaHealth EMR software, this is the most appreciated one as per the reviews. The system supports practice appointment density and nurtures a seamless patient experience by supporting virtual visits. Carers love how it provides a customizable video window and allows for group conferencing.  

What Does the Pricing Structure Of AthenaHealth Looks Like? 

The pricing structure of AthenaHealth EMR is its cornerstone. This rigorous platform offers a gold-standard cost model meeting the budget range of all healthcare providers. AthenaHealth EMR supports a percentage-based pricing model. This means the users get charged a fixed percentage of revenue collections based on their feature requirements. There are no additional charges, and even this pricing model of AthenaHealth EMR is fully configurable. Send a request to AthenaHealth EMR requesting a tailor-made bundle to assess if it is indeed cost-effective.  

The Demo Overview 

The AthenaHealth EMR Software provides caregivers with a compelling live demo tutorial. The vendor believes that medical professionals should know beforehand what they are getting their hands on. That is why AthenaHealth EMR creates an informative and productive demo for interested clients. In its short demo, AthenaHealth EMR illustrates how it focuses on personalized clinical services to shape care workflow for practices. You can schedule a demo by clicking the “Let’s connect” button at the top right corner of the webpage of AthenaHealth EMR.  

AthenaHealth EMR vs Clinicient Insight EMR 

We can’t pick any particular vendor because both vary considerably in terms of the services offered. You have to choose in accordance with your clinical requirements, examining your needs. AthenaHealth is one step ahead of Clinicient Insight EMR, for it works for multi-disciplinary care organizations and packs a percentage-based cost structure. In our opinion, Insight  is best suited for you if you run a behavioral health practice. In that case, you shouldn’t go for Athena, as Insight packs more specialized functionalities.  


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