Pallet Racks in Delhi

Pallet Racks in Delhi

Pallet racks in Delhi are one of the most common and versatile material handling systems used in warehouses and distribution centers in Delhi. They provide organized high-density storage for pallets, allowing easy access to stock for order picking and inventory management. Choosing the right pallet rack system is crucial to maximize storage space, improve efficiency, and ensure safety.

Types of Pallet Racks

There are several types of pallet racking systems available in Delhi to suit different needs:

Selective Pallet Racks

Selective pallet racks are the most common type. They utilize vertical beams and horizontal load beams that interlock to create storage bays at various heights. Forklifts can access each pallet independently, providing versatile storage. Selective racks are cost-effective and offer high-density storage.

Drive-In and Drive-Through Pallet Racks

Drive-in and drive-through racks are high-density storage systems designed for single-product SKUs. Forklifts drive into the lanes between rows of racks to place and retrieve pallets. These rack systems maximize storage capacity but limit selectivity and accessibility.

Push-Back Pallet Racks

Push-back racks utilize carts with nested wheels that slide together when loaded from one side. New pallets push back older stock for FIFO inventory management. This type increases density but has limited selectivity.

Pallet Flow Racks

Pallet flow racks use gravity rollers or carts on inclined lanes to automatically bring forward the oldest pallet for FIFO picking. They improve selectivity and inventory tracking versus drive-in racks.

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks feature horizontal arms protruding from vertical columns to support long materials like timber, pipes, and furniture. They allow easy access and eliminate handling of stored items.

Key Considerations for Pallet Racks

  • When choosing a pallet racking system in Delhi, key factors to consider include:
  • Storage density – The racking system should maximize cubic storage capacity.
  • Selectivity – How selectively and ergonomically can operators access stock?
  • Load capacity – Rack capacity must safely handle pallet weight and dimensions.
  • Accessibility – Racks should accommodate material handling equipment and workflows.
  • Adjustability – Ability to reconfigure and expand racks as needs change.
  • Durability – Racks should withstand years of use with proper maintenance.
  • Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Systems

For heavy or bulky loads, a heavy duty pallet rack system is recommended. These durable rack designs utilize:

  • Thicker steel columns and beams to support more weight.
  • Reinforced decks and bracings for stability.
  • Wider columns and baseplates to prevent buckling.
  • Durable protective finishes like powder coating.
  • Higher load capacities up to 100,000 lbs per rack.

Heavy duty racks are essential for pallets exceeding 4,000 lbs, bulky loads, or hazardous materials. The structural strength provides safe storage.

Industrial Pallet Rack Solutions

Leading material handling companies in Delhi offer full-service industrial pallet rack solutions. This includes:

  • Expert consultants to design and optimize rack layouts.
  • Range of rack types and accessories to match needs.
  • Custom fabrication of racks according to requirements.
  • Professional certified installation and integration services.
  • Ongoing rack inspections, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Pallet rack accessories like safety railings, mesh decking, load stops.
  • Racking systems tailored for each industry like retail, manufacturing, cold storage.

With the right industrial pallet rack solution, businesses can maximize storage capacity, improve warehouse efficiency, and ensure a safe working environment.

Mobile Compactors for High-Density Storage

Where floor space is extremely limited, mobile compactors are an effective solution. They consist of movable shelving units mounted on tracks. A powered operator moves and compresses the units together, eliminating unused aisles. This provides very high-density storage while still allowing individual access to shelves using a remote control. Mobile compactors are complex systems that require professional installation but can triple storage capacity.

With various types of pallet racks, heavy duty options, industrial racking solutions and mobile compactors, businesses in Delhi can optimize warehouse storage and operations. Expert guidance helps select the ideal system to improve space utilization, productivity and safety.


Proper installation is crucial to ensuring the longevity and functionality of Pallet Racks. It’s recommended to engage professionals who possess the expertise to assemble and install these racks securely.


Regular maintenance routines are essential to keep the Pallet Racks in optimal condition. This involves inspections for signs of wear and tear, addressing any issues promptly, and ensuring that safety features are functional.

Safety Measures

Prioritizing safety is non-negotiable when dealing with Pallet Racks. Implementing safety measures such as load capacity awareness, proper training for employees, and routine inspections minimizes the risk of accidents.

In conclusion,
Pallet racking is an essential material handling system that allows organized, high-density storage and efficient order picking in warehouses and distribution centers in Delhi. By choosing the right type of pallet rack, considering key factors like load capacity and selectivity, and working with material handling experts, companies can implement an optimized racking system tailored to their specific storage needs and workflow. The range of available racking options, from selective racks to heavy duty racks and even mobile compactors, enables businesses to make the most of limited floor space while maintaining safe, efficient warehouse operations. With the right pallet racking system, companies can gain a significant competitive advantage through enhanced productivity, capacity and organization in their warehouse and distribution centers.

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