The Only Guide To Quartz Worktops You Are Ever Going To Need!

Quartz worktops may rank right next to marble as the most popular worktops we have today but there is a lot of history behind it that people are not aware of. Like granite and marble, quartz worktops in Chelmsford are also made of natural-occurring material. Yet you will often find it labelled as a man-made or engineered worktop, ever wondered why? Well, it is with logic, and you will soon find out what that is.

If you’re considering whether quartz Kitchen Worktops should be your next worktop, this is for you.


It has been barely five to seven decades since quartz was first introduced as a worktop. But that in no way makes them a new product for human use. We have been making use of quartz in various ways for a very long time. Of diverse hues, especially amethyst, quartz has been used as a jewellery stone across cultures. Soon after that, it found use in radio, watches, clocks and other electronics extensively and continues to be utilised even today.

After quartz was introduced as a worktop material, it took almost two to three decades before it became truly popular. People still largely preferred granite and marble and it took them a while before they could trust the newcomer.

How It’s Made?

If you know what size quartz is formed in nature, you will know that it is impossible to use it as is for worktops. They’re often very small in size and even the largest quartz ever discovered is only 6 ft 8.35 inches in diameter. After trimming, there’ll be barely anything left to use as a workspace. This is why we use engineered quartz as worktops. Here is a summary of the process for you.

  • Quartz crystals are mined and crushed to fine powder in factories.
  • This powder is blended with resins, often polymer, and colour pigments.
  • Once the colours are added, it is then heat treated in a vacuum.
  • They are then cut according to requirements and fitted.

Key Properties And Benefits Of Quartz Worktops

The properties manifested by quartz worktops are of course different from those of quartz crystal. The resins, pigments and various other ingredients that are added to the mix may give it additional benefits.

As a buyer, here’s what you should know about quartz;

A Versatile Material

No doubt, quartz is highly versatile. You will find gorgeous quartz Kitchen worktops in Chelmsford but what makes it adaptable is that you can design your own too. You can customize it according to your likes and dislikes. As they’re engineered at the end of the day, you can ask your supplier to make them in a mixture of colours and add patterns to them as well.

Quartz made to mimic marble and granite is hugely favoured as they’re cheaper compared to the original. You don’t have to follow through with this trend as you have close to infinite possibilities open to you.

A Reliable Kitchen Worktop

Quartz is already a highly dependable material that is only enhanced as it is engineered and readied for use. The combination of resin with powdered quartz which is further treated in extreme heat and a vacuum makes for a robust worktop that can bear almost anything. It is a hard material altogether and will be faithful as you put it to use in the kitchen.

Resistant To Heat

This one should be quite obvious. Quartz worktops, before you can use them, require to be set in extreme heat. Having already faced such high warmth, the heat of a kitchen can do nothing to this worktop.

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An integrated hob or an oven placed on your quartz Kitchen Worktops in Chelmsford – it doesn’t matter as nothing can affect it. At the very worst, it may discolour just lightly though this doesn’t happen all that easily.

The Price Factor

Quartz worktops as you can guess from these amazing qualities do not come cheap. At the same time, it is so much more affordable compared to the high-one ones. As this worktop has a plenitude of benefits, you will find that the advantages far outweigh the cost.

The Finish

Because of the resin that is used in its making, you will find that your worktops mostly come with a glossy finish. Upon request, your worktop supplier may be able to make it with a matte, brushed, or suede finish. Since most people prefer that their worktop should be shiny to look at, it is not common to find it pre-made with any other type of finish.

Maintenance – No More A Chore

If you live a busy life with barely any time to cook for yourself, you will find quartz ideal for you. Cleaning and maintaining quartz worktops will be absolutely easy. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up spills immediately as the worktop will not stain. You can just wipe it off and clean the area later. Moreover, you can clean the worktop with soap, your regular dishwashing liquid or soap will do, and a wet cloth – no need to scrub.

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Beyond all of this, the ultimate benefit of using quartz worktops is that you don’t need to get it sealed, ever! Unlike granite, you don’t have to worry about sealing all too often.


Quartz worktops come with usefulness, which should be obvious as they’re also right up there with granite and marble. You can enjoy a stunning kitchen that is also effortless to clean with quartz. With a reliable supplier like Solid Worktops, you can have your dream kitchen.


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