The Teas You Should Drink & Avoid During Your Period

The Teas You Should Drink & Avoid During Your Period

Ah, periods. It’s that time of the month when it feels like you’re carrying the weight of the entire world on your shoulders. Your body is at its weakest, and, to top it all off, you also have to deal with cramps, headaches, and the occasional mood swing. You might even be part of the population with excruciating PMS symptoms.

While you can definitely run to your nearest drugstore chain for some over-the-counter medications, might we suggest a more natural alternative? 

A cup of tea might just be the answer to your menstruation worries! Below, we’ve listed the teas you should drink during your period and those you should avoid. 

Teas To Drink During Your Period 

Green Tea 

Green tea is made of unaged, dried Camellia sinensis leaves. It has a slightly earthy and floral taste and is light in color. You might also know it is a long-standing Chinese traditional herbal medicine.

Drinking green tea during your period can work wonders for your body, as it contains antioxidant compounds and anti-inflammatory effects that can help reduce bloating. 

Green tea also contains the compound L-theanine, which promotes calmness and relaxation. So steep your favorite green tea brand whenever you feel too on edge.

Take it up a notch by adding a shot of ginger or turmeric to your cup! Trust us on this. Not only will your tea taste immensely better, but ginger and turmeric will also help boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and treat digestive issues. 

Chamomile Tea 

Chamomile is the tea to choose if you want to take the fewest risks. It has a delicate, floral taste and makes for a great soothing tea.

This tea won’t directly affect your menstrual cramps, but it will help you sleep and even lessen the fatigue you might be feeling. It has 0% caffeine, making it a great drink to sip on before going to bed. 

Chamomile might also help boost serotonin, dopamine, and other chemicals in your brain that can affect your mood. 

Pro tip: add a little bit of honey for a dash of sweetness! 

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea comes from the leaves of the peppermint plant. This tea is rich in menthol, which you might know for its cooling effect. However, aside from that function, menthol is also a compound with a strong aroma that offers various health advantages.

Peppermint acts as a muscle relaxant. It relieves period cramps by helping to heal the walls of your uterus. Drinking this miraculous tea on the days of your period will keep you feeling good and enhance your mood. 

Raspberry Leaf Tea 

Raspberry leaf tea has a more mellow flavor compared to black tea. And no, it doesn’t taste like raspberries at all! 

People use this tea for various purposes that are mostly connected to women’s health. It has tannins and fragrine that help with PMS symptoms like diarrhea, cramping, vomiting, and nausea. Additionally, it can regulate your hormones, alleviating mood swings caused by PMS. 

Raspberry leaf tea is also a muscle relaxer, which means it can reduce uterine contractions. 

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea has a warm, sweet, and somewhat spicy flavor. Cinnamon tea may help reduce inflammation, which might lessen the painful bloating that often comes with your menstrual cycle. 

Cinnamon tea might also help manage polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), characterized by irregular menstruation and poor blood sugar regulation. 

That’s not where its benefits end! Drinking cinnamon tea might also lessen menstrual bleeding and prevent blood clotting. So, if you’re someone with heavy flow, cinnamon tea might just be what you need to soothe your nerves and enjoy your day. 

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is made from the spicy and aromatic ginger root. For ages, we’ve used fresh ginger in food and medicine. Today, many ailments, including menstrual cramps, can be treated at home by consuming ginger. 

This tea has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that can help with discomfort and bloating. It also relieves nausea and headaches. If you tend to have irregular periods, you can try drinking ginger tea daily to induce your period at the correct time. 

Teas To Avoid During Your Period 

Black Tea or Caffeine-Rich Teas 

Steer clear of black tea during your period! Caffeine-rich teas don’t agree with menstruation, as they will only exacerbate your menstrual cramps.

Black tea or any caffeine-rich tea can make you anxious, which means your muscles will constrict even more. Plus, consuming too much caffeine will increase your estrogen levels, worsening your PMS symptoms. 

A Cup Of Comfort During Your Period

The general rule of thumb when drinking tea during your period is not to consume too much of it! Don’t go overboard. Stick to one to two cups daily! 

Think of your cup of tea as a warm hug in a mug. It might just be the comfort you need during that time of the month. 


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