Top TikTok Trends (May 2023)

Top TikTok Trends (May 2023)

how did dora die

On TikTok, a bizarre trend has reemerged where users share their responses to searching “how did Dora die?” and receive hundreds of millions of views. The term “Dora” relates to the well-known cartoon character Dora the Explorer, who appeared in a programme by the same name and has since become a recurring motif in a plethora of online memes.


1. Dropshipping via TikTok

Refers to the process of shipping merchandise directly from the retailer to a buyer. Dropshipping is well-known because it lets online retailers rapidly deliver their products without the expense and hassle of storage. TikTok is mostly a web-based advertising platform used by dropshippers and helps in building brand recognition.

2. Mighty Patch

The product was create through Hero Cosmetics, Mighty Patches are small, hydrocolloid-based smudges that are smooth and absorb pimples and do not pop the pimples. Mighty Patches are increasing in popularity on the TikTok platform which allows users to share their experiences and provide reviews. The product has been awarded a 4.5-star rating by Amazon with over 120,000 ratings.

3. BookTok


It is a TikTok subcommunity made up of people who are passionate about discussing books. BookTok is one of the most popular communities on TikTok with more than 100 billion people viewing it. The majority of the videos contain threads with discussions or jokes about books the users have recently have read. The general idea behind the BookTok has a lot to offer. BookTok hashtag means an increasing number of people are able to discover interesting and new books.

4. TikTok Has influenced me to buy it

TikTok The Product I bought is essentially an online marketplace where influencers and creators share their views on the items they have recently bought. It’s not uncommon for those who make use of this hashtag to share videos, show off their involvement with influential influencers or provide behind-the-scenes information about how the product is to be used.

5. Adopt Me

Adopt Me is an online multiplayer video game which is playable via the Roblox platform. It allows players to adopt and take care of different pets. It has become extremely in popularity on TikTok because people can use the platform to share strategies and share their lives. Adopt Me launched in 2017 and has since had more than thirty billion people playing.Additionally, it’s the most played game on Roblox. Roblox platform.

6. TikTok Ads

Ads on TikTok have lots to do with other social media platforms for advertising. Advertisers are able to choose the objective of growing their number of fans, or growing number of people who visit their sites. Particularly, businesses use TikTok Promote to make use of its TikTok Promo feature to reach specific user groups, design advertisements, and then monitor the outcomes.

7. The Pink Stuff

Stuff Pink Stuff Pink Stuff is a multi-purpose cleaning product that gets rid of dirt and grime from surfaces. It can be used to clean household items like glass, pans furniture, walls and more. It is also use to clean walls, furniture and other surfaces. Pink Stuff is popular on TikTok for quite a while when users showcase the vast range of cleaning capabilities and offer in-depth evaluations of how useful the product is.

8. Gymrat

A gymrat is known to spend a lot of time in the fitness center. Many people regularly utilize this hashtag on TikTok to display their improvements and highlight the benefits of living a healthy life. It’s also frequently use to spread motivational messages in order to encourage users to become more active.

9. TikTok ASMR

The term ASMR refers to an experience of tingling sensation that radiates down the neck and into the scalp. It usually occurs due to particular sounds or experiences that are stimulate by a particular auditory or sensory stimulus. It is widely used by people to relax and to control heart rate. The interest in ASMR has increased rapidly recently, with millions of videos on ASMR being accessible on YouTube.

10. TikTok Fashion

Brands that are fashion-forward like SKIMS, Shein, Nike and many more are present on TikTok. TikTok platform. Additionally, creators regularly showcase their designs, that entice users to purchase clothes from top brands.


This list gives a snapshot of the latest updates on TikTok.

All of these trends can be consider long-term (not patterns that are likely to fade within a week).

It’s also crucial to be aware that many of the trends that are popular on TikTok are a reflection, enhancement or even incite some of the most well-known trends.

The list is regularly refresh, so be sure to keep an eye on future TikTok updates. See Our Latest Article gramhir.



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