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What is Crawl’s budget? Optimize Crawl Budget for SEO

What is Crawl’s budget? Optimize Crawl Budget for SEO

Published thousand of a blog and generate a lot of backlinks, but if Google is not capable to crawl your website efficiently, all of your hard work on producing content and building backlinks are useless.

When a website has large numbers of pages, at that time it becomes crucial to understand what a crawl budget is and how to optimize it for SEO purposes.

What is Crawl’s budget?

Crawl budget refers to the number of pages that a search engine crawls on a website in a specific time frame.

How to improve the Crawl budget

Improve crawl means increasing the number of pages to crawl without wasting the crawl efficiency.

When we checked thousands of websites they have the same problem that wastes their budget this below problem.

if you face a similar issue so you can fix this issue and optimize your crawl budget for better ranking.

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Optimize website speed for improve crawl budget

Website is a priority task to improve for better crawl budget optimization. When crawlers try to access your website if it’s slow to load, they consume more budget and crawl less number of pages

What to do for website speed optimization

  • Use quality server
  • Compress images and optimize code
  • Minification css and javascript file

Remove Duplicated pages

A duplicate page means all pages have the same structure and similar content. like parameter pages, internal search pages, and pagination pages.

Thin content

Pages that have very little or no content count as thin content. remove this type of page that no value add to your website. this will not just optimize your crawl budget but improve the overall user experience on-site.

Improve the structure of your website

The structure of the website plays an important role to improve the crawling budget as it helps to crawl more pages in less time.

You can use a silo structure to make sure that all pages on your pages are linked and easily available to crawl by search engine bots.

Use the relevant internal link

Internal linking suggests and navigates to the search engine crawlers about the important and related pages on your website. linking to related pages helps to increase the frequency of crawling.

block unnecessary resources using robots.txt

Robots.txt help to control what should be crawled and what should not. blocking unnecessary pages using robots.txt, which helps to search engine bots focus on crawling the important pages of your website without wasting time on unnecessary resources.

Remove 404 Pages

Every 404 pages consume your crawl budget also which is harmful from the user experience side. 404 pages are dead which consumes the resource of the crawl budget. if you have a website that has a lot of pages you can take the help of tools like screaming frog or Google search console to identify those pages.

Make sure to redirect these pages to the appropriate pages with the 301 status code. Also, check your website haven’t any redirect chain. this is a crucial approach to maintaining a healthy crawl budget and keeping your user experience best.

Remove parameter from URL

When multiple-page URLs and parameter URLs exist, it confuses search engines and leads to decreased crawl efficiency. therefore, removing unnecessary parameters from the URL can greatly improve crawling efficiency.

Implement href Language tag in your website

If you have a multi-language website, implement a language tag to let search engine crawlers know which language version of your page to show in search results based on the user’s location and language preference.

is Crawl budget important for ranking?

Of course, the crawling budget is still crucial for ranking your website. Maximize your crawl budget to ensure that search engine bots crawl and index important pages on your website, which will ultimately lead to improved visibility in search engine results and better ranking.

Why crawl ability is important?

Crawlability is nothing but ensuring that search engine bots scan your website easily and index it properly. Search engine crawlers are frequently crawling our website to see if it is relevant or worth ranking.

What decides the crawling budget?

There are mainly two factors decide to determine the crawl budget
1. Popularity – popular URLs will be crawled frequently because it is important to keep a fresher index.
2. Staleness – how much fresh content is added to your website determines how often search engine bots will crawl it.

Crawl budget is an important factor specific to big websites. also, this plays a vital role in ranking. you can increase implement the above tips and tricks.

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