Receive Excellent Ratings By Boosting Your Facebook Business Page Reviews: Effective Guide

Receive Excellent Ratings By Boosting Your Facebook Business Page Reviews: Effective Guide

Facebook reviews and rating is beneficial for the growth of every kind of business present on that platform, reviews hold the same importance as currency for them. Whether it’s positive or negative, consumers who are buying any product from the business pages share their experience about the product they are buying, it works as a great social proof. Therefore, new consumers or visitors who are looking for a similar product will be hugely benefited from the reviews of previous customers. Reviews will drive their buying decision hugely as they will have all the needed information regarding the product. 

As per the statistics, Frontiers say that before purchasing any product their reviews and comments impact the buying decision of more than 50 to 60% of the consumers globally. With that, reviews have the power to boost Facebook traffic likely by 6% as well.

The pattern of Facebook review is the same as the other major review sites which includes Google, Yelp, Airbnb etc. In this article, we will be discussing a detailed guide on Facebook reviews examples to boost your Facebook business page with excellent ratings.

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Effective Guide To Boosting Your Facebook Business Page Reviews

We have already understood from the above discussion how important Facebook business page reviews are for getting excellent ratings and also for driving traffic to your Facebook business page. 

Therefore looking into its value we will provide you with a quick guide to the Facebook reviews examples that will help to boost the count of Facebook reviews you get on your Facebook business page. It’s not that every review talks about the customer experience, but reviews are important to keep your Facebook business page active. An active Facebook business page has the potential to attract more possible customers. 

Now without wasting any time, we will jump into the guide. 

1. Check-ins can boost Facebook business page reviews

When you post anything on your Facebook business page with a check-in option you have to tag your location, the benefit of it is that a reminder is sent by Facebook to the people of that location asking them to leave their reviews and rating about the business page. So this is a great way to expand reviews of your Facebook business page without any extra effort. 

Asking people to check in is easier than asking them to leave their reviews. Thus don’t be worried about asking people for check-in as that will help to increase reviews on your Facebook business page. 

2. The contests are a great way

People always find contests interesting as they get the chance to win exciting prizes. Giveaway is a fruitful strategy that helps a lot of business pages in gaining an ample amount of followers and likes. Therefore create a contest on your business page where you have to ask your fan to share their reviews and they will get the chance to win valuable gifts. 

Contests are an excellent strategy to advertise your business and get support from your loyal customers. 

3. DMs can enhance Facebook business page reviews

Remember that if you do not ask you will not get reviews, there is no harm in asking. You can ask your customers to share their reviews through different options which include email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger. 

As people mostly use their phones and use their devices for sharing reviews. That’s why it can be a great option to simply send your customers a message via SMS asking them to leave their reviews on your Facebook business page. 

One of the useful and professional strategies for businesses is sending an email to the customers with an invitation link to your Facebook business page asking them to share their valuable reviews about your page. 

One of the easy and natural ways to ask your customers for reviews is by requesting them over Facebook Messenger using the messenger chatbot for their review. Most people who have Facebook for sure are active on Facebook Messenger as well. 

4. Responding to reviews 

Interaction is a must in every business, so make sure you are responding to every comment and review regardless it to be positive or negative. Basically, it shows how active your business page is on Facebook and also it shows if you take your customers as well as their queries seriously.

5. CTA is an excellent strategy

CTA or Call to action is a clever strategy that can be easily created with a Facebook review widget for enhancing reviews on your Facebook business page. You just have to create an attractive Facebook post and have to share it with your viewers or customer where you have to leave a CTA button like “share your review” for attracting customers who will automatically leave their valuable reviews on your Facebook business page.  

6. Embedding Facebook page reviews  

Putting the spotlight on the positive reviews of your Facebook business page can motivate other customers to leave their reviews and interact with your page. The best way to do this is by using the Facebook review widget embedding the best Facebook reviews of your business page on your website. In that way, you can also increase the visibility of your business website.


Thus in this article, we have seen how effective reviews can be for your Facebook business page. Looking into its effectiveness we have also talked about some of the best Facebook reviews examples that will guide you in boosting reviews of your business page which in turn brings excellent ratings.

With that, they can as well help you in building awareness, more traffic to your Facebook business page, and engagement with your customers.

The above guide will for sure prove to be very beneficial in boosting your Facebook business page reviews and will gain excellent ratings which in turn improve your brand reputation and sales. All the best!

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